Low business interruption


In case that there was found any damage caused by a chemical or mechanical attack during an inspection, we are able to eliminate it. Depending of the manner and expansion of the damage we create a corresponding refurbishment concept in our back office by our experienced engineers, which will be implemented on site by our specialized fitters. Based on the age of the equipment it is possible to extend the refurbishment concept in a way, that the equipment will be improved on the current state of technology. The advantage of such a refurbishment is, that the equipment don't need to be replaced. There are no dismantling and assembly works of the facilities around necessary. New parts can be added or exchanged in the course of improvement. The life time will be extended and save the preparedness of the equipment for the coming years.

Features of refurbishment services

  • Reconstruction of the static bearing structure
  • Reconstruction of the chemical barrier layer
  • Repair of thermoplastic linings
  • Retrofitting of thermoplastic linings
    • as a surface glued variant
    • as fixpoint lining
    • as a sacrificial liner
  • Maintenance work according to the test report of a notified body (e.g. TÜV)
  • Documentation of the completed refurbishment work