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CO2 reduction


We have realized over 8 large scale projects in the last 5 years to support flue gas desulphurization in power plants with circulation & process pipelines, spray levels, and various composite vessels.

Since 2001 we were able to support power and incineration plants with a total of 117 wet electrostatic precipitators (Wet-ESP) for the continuous cleaning of the flue gases.

We have delivered 29 scrubbers in the last 5 years to support the cleaning process of flue gases to reduce emissions.

We are also involved in construction of an installation that will reduce 2,800,000 tons of CO2 per year.
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Since 1990, we have delivered a total of 220 reactor tanks for the waste-water treatment sector.



At our locations in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany we collect 80% our residual waste for further processing in order to reduce the amount of waste.

We have implemented a system to collect our residual waste from production at our location in Poland and have thus been able to save over 100 tons of waste per year.

We were able to realize more than a 100 revamping projects at our clients' sites to help maintain the existing product lifespan as long as possible.

Thanks to a modern CNC machine, we can optimize our cuttings and reduce residual waste by 90%.

Due to specially designed dosing stations in the resin processing department, we are able to avoid 70% waste material at our German site and save resources.



80% of our production location in Dinslaken is equipped with energy-efficient LED lamps and is thus able to reduce the energy consumption by over 30%.

At our production location in Poland, we have equipped our facility with 150 new LED lamps and 60% of the office space to minimize energy consumption.

Since 2020, our production location in Dinslaken receives 100% of its electricity from renewable energies.


With the help of the construction of 10 new electric charging stations for the hybrid cars of our sales employees, we want to make extensive use of electric mobility even more attractive to reduce the emission of nitrogen oxide in the city by 80%.

In order to decrease Plasticon's transport emissions, we combine 50% of our transports for raw materials and our finished products to the relevant regions in Europe.

With the help of newest heat exchanger technologies, our production location in Poland is able to utilize the existing district heating 90% more efficient.

Eco production


A newly developed dedusting system in our grinding room reduces the release of fine dust particles by 95% helps protect our employees and the environment.

Thanks to our styrene filter system, we filter an air volume of 6000m³/h at our production location in Belgium with a cleaning efficiency of 99% in order to reduce air pollution.

We avoid 60% of the consumption of acetone by utilizing alternative cleaning systems.

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